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Fighting Nature, Fighting Ourselves, and in Winning Do We Lose?

I have a saying I made up sometime around the mid 90’s, a time when world population was an issue that made the headlines, when our population was approaching 6 billion people. “We can fix our population problem ourselves, or nature will fix it for us. If we fix it ourselves there are two options, we can either stop people being born or kill ourselves faster. If we wait too long to make a decision then nature will take that choice from us.” I admit I was drunk at the time when I came up with this, it was one of those political discussions only drunk people can have, but having thought about it since I still stand by it.

To some extent the west has already chosen to stop people being born. I don’t believe it is a conscious decision at a societal level but one introduced socially by our own genetic makeup. Whether genetics had this by design or accident doesn’t really matter. At some point our lives got easy, easier than at any point in human history. Overabundance of calories meant the population on average became fatter, reducing sperm count and testosterone leading to an overall decrease in fertility. Large cities create a plethora of partner choices, which contrary to free market thinking actually makes dating harder. People wait longer to be married and the window on women’s fertility drops the longer they wait to have children. There are more factors then these involved but overall the west’s birth rate is now well under 2 children per women in some countries which are far from close to replacement rates.

In other cultures and countries they are slowly joining the west. India has dropped from 24 people born per 1000 people every year to 19. Only the poorest most desperate third world countries are maintaining their birth rates. The human survival instinct is still very much running strong in these countries.
As for killing ourselves faster, well we were doing a good job of that for the first half of the 20th century but frankly our war efforts haven’t been up to the task. I’ve said that jokingly but in all honesty as many as the people who die from war and other methods of mass murder are, this hasn’t been a serious contender in managing the world’s population, it’s also a method that is extremely detrimental to Nature in the countries involved.

So what would nature taking control look like? In the past there were meteor strikes and supernova, but they took out close to 60-80% of all life on Earth. What about something targeted directly at humanity? We are unlikely to have any predators develop, out intelligence puts us at the top of the food chain even though as far as predators go we are soft, pink and not scary at all. Is there something else? Well, in 1918 it didn’t start with a bang or a flash, it started with a fever and diarrhea and 2 years later 5% of the world’s population was dead, all because of the Spanish flu. Or it creates a zikka virus killing our unborn babies. We place great faith in our science today but science takes time, and two years to develop a vaccine or cure is still too short for any serious disease. Nature is perfectly capable of throwing new diseases at us, it does so continually and whether these are antibiotic resistant strains of diseases we already have or completely new diseases our next Spanish flu is likely only a few mutations away.

Yet Huston, we have a problem. You see we contribute to these mutations, we speed them up and in some cases we cause them. Our very fight against nature in our efforts to control nature is likely to create the very killers we are trying to avoid.

Whether we like it or not humanity is part of nature. We build our houses to keep out the weather. We wash our hands to stop getting sick, we build fences to keep out the wild animals and we develop drugs to turn back the tide against virus’ and microbes. Yet no matter how much we like to think we have control of our environment we are still part of the world’s ecosystem, and ecosystems always strive for balance. Whenever there is too much of something or too little in an ecosystem the ecosystem strives to create something that will eat it, kill it or fill the gap. When you clear a field and plant wheat a common, but mostly harmless, rust fungus is given an environment in which to thrive. When you chop down a forest plants that struggled to survive in the forest setting become the weeds of tomorrow. When you make a species extinct an animal is there to reproduce and take the extinct species place. There are no excesses or vacuums in nature, if you make a space in an ecosystem it will be filled by something else, if you have too much of something nature will make it into lunch.

So humanity becomes its own worst enemy. We have too much of one thing – people, cattle and crops, and at the same time too little of another – forests, species and diseases. Nature isn’t in balance at the moment; it hasn’t been for a few hundred years now, but less so in the last 50. We have created too much of one thing and destroyed too much of others. Predators may develop to take out our cattle, but they will take too long to mutate, the generational cycle of animals is measured in decades and years, our scientists will be able to keep ahead of nature’s mutations here. The same applies to plants whose generation cycles are measured in years and months. Yet what scares me is the overuse of pesticides, fungicides, antibiotics and other chemicals we use to control fungus’s, bacteria and viruses. The generational cycle of these things are measured in days and minutes. Eventually we will have enough holes in our ecosystem that only these small things can reproduce and mutate fast enough to fill the voids. We are creating the very conditions that make the next Spanish flu, or swine flu or blue green algae epidemic possible.

I started writing this because a friend of mine is fighting to save the Amazon, directly so in her dream job in Peru. I think her job is worth doing, we should be trying to prevent too many holes in our world ecosystem. Yet I don’t think she will win, not until it’s already too late, if it isn’t already. She wants to connect people with nature again, which if there weren’t too many of us already this would probably work. But the world has created too many holes in nature and we have filled them with cities, towns and farms. It’s an impossible job to reconnect people with nature again because most people are too removed from the world’s ecosystem. We have too much belief in our ability to control the world around us and we underestimate the power of Nature. I think we are secretly relieved that we have won the battle for control, it means we live in the relative safety of our houses and farms that surround us. Yet I think we fail to see that in winning the battle we have set up the circumstances that will lose us the war.

So is this doom and gloom a warning, or prophesy, I don’t know. I was trying to get my thoughts together on this subject and often I usually don’t know what my thoughts are until after I have written them. I’m a special little snowflake sometimes; I see patterns and trends in things that most people miss. I’m not always right but I’m usually more right than wrong, and every time I come back to nature vs humanity I can’t help but think I’m still right, no matter how much I want to be wrong. I think humanity may be in for a rough time in the next fifty years. I don’t think we will halt our population growth quickly enough. I think our hospitals will become some of the most dangerous places on Earth, places of super bugs even casual visitors can catch. I think we will watch most of our crops and cattle die of diseases we can no longer spray or treat. Lastly I think we will see more and more exotic diseases being born into existence to fill the holes we have created and I don’t see any way we can prevent this. I think we won the battle but we might lose the war, nature doesn’t need humanity, but we need nature. Nature will survive long after we have gone, no matter how many holes we create, no matter how hard we try and control it.


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What’s In a Smile?

I see that smile, almost full size yet not quite as wide as it should; a touch of sadness in the corners weighing them down, not much but just enough. What’s in that smile that that looks so heavy? Smiles are not meant to carry burdens, they are meant to set them free. I see that smile you struggle to raise and I’m left with a feeling it needs a friend, a friend that understands that sometimes a smile has a past to lift.

I see that smile so slow to appear, not much but just a bit. A little hesitation as if seeking permission “Is this face allowed to smile?” What’s in that smile that makes it pause? What does it say of the heart beneath? Does that heart of yours stall, believing it hasn’t yet earned the right, the right to smile? I see that smile and I’m left with a feeling that it needs a light, just a little, enough to show your heart the way is clear.

I see that smile almost reach your eyes, almost but not quite. It seems to try so hard, wanting to ignite that spark. Yet as much as it tries it never quite hits your eyes. What’s in that smile that holds it back? What’s on your mind that pushes it down? It seems so pale without the eyes and those eyes they still search, for what I know not. I see that smile and I’m left with a feeling that it needs a hand to hold, a hand to remind you that hope had never left.

I see that smile, a smile I’ll never remember. Faceblind I be yet blind I am not. How I wish I could remember these smiles, just one, that would be enough. Instead it fades with the turn of my head. So I ask myself what’s in a smile I can never recall. All I can remember are the feelings it ignites. It’s the one thing you can never hide, those feelings in your smile. Be they distaste, hurt, joy or bliss the smile displays it all. They say your eyes are windows to the soul but your smile, your smile leads straight to your heart. So I wish I could remember a smile but I’d rather remember your heart.

So what’s in a smile?

Only your heart, and yes it still beats.

Photo thanks to Leonid Mamchenkov

Bullying Is Forever

They say that you get over things from your past. That you move on, become stronger, wiser and more resilient. But they never mention that bullying is forever. Ask anyone who has lost someone close if they ever truly forget, if they ever stop grieving for the ones they love and they will tell you that they don’t, that the person they lost is still close to their hearts. It’s no different when you grieve for yourself, the person that died so young, the person you could have been, the person that never was.

There isn’t a day that goes by I don’t think of that kid that was me. He’s still there close to my heart. And what they say is true, you do become stronger, wiser and more resilient.

Bullying is forever, it has affected every decision and action in my life; but the fears I overcame, the lessons I learned and the courage I have to live life are forever too. These things affect every decision and action I make. They are my gifts to myself for a being the person who didn’t give up. The man who never was is gone, but in his place is not a lesser man, just a different one, one I am proud of.

For those of you who are mourning the you who could have been, take heart — the person who will be, the person who is in that lost child’s place, the you that is — you have been given an opportunity to mold the person you are and you have more freedom to shape yourself than most people will understand. The part of you that you now mourn can be rebuilt, and it is wholly up to you to choose the person you wish become.

There is only one person who can take responsibility for the rest of your life, you.

I know it is unfair, that you curse whatever god you no longer believe in, that you would give anything to go back and change the way things are. I don’t carry easy news; rebuilding is hard — almost as hard as what you went through — and it will take longer than the events that transpired. I know how unfair it is to have the responsibility of fixing the damage someone else caused, but there is only one person who can take responsibility for the rest of your life; you. I’m rooting for you, I hope you can do it. I know you have the strength, wisdom and resilience to become this different person if you so choose.

Whether you believe it or not you are already strong enough. You have faced things most people will never understand. You will feel alone and adrift facing irrational fears no one comprehends. Except your fears aren’t irrational, they are fears backed by the demons of experience, the probability of them happening is certain; the demons are already in your head. But face your fears you must. I know you can do it, I know there will be days you don’t always win, but think of what you have been through, you already know you shall live. And if a hand is offered up, don’t turn it away. They may not understand, but would you truly want them to go through what you have been through, just so they can begin to comprehend? As you face your fears look to the people who offer their hands, they have the answers to the question you don’t know to ask, the one that is behind the demon you now face. Bullying is forever, but the strength you gain from facing your fears is forever too.

Whether you believe it or not, you are already wise enough. You have had to learn things that most are never taught. You wish these lessons had never been given, they were delivered at the end of a fist and a smirk, but learn them you did and now it’s time to use them. You have learned how to endure, how to out-think and how to never give in. You have learned about anger, about rage and about hate but these are double sided. The things you miss the most are friendship, love and trust, and even in their absence you learned about these as well. You know where anger, rage and hate stops, it’s a place you could never quite reach but I know you, you looked for their opposites, imagined them, dreamed for them and ached for them. I know you can see them, you deserve them, you are worthy of them. Search for the people who can provide you with their substance, not the people who provide you with pain. You have the insight now to truly see people for who they are, use it. Bullying is forever, but the wisdom you have learned is forever too.

You’re amazing; you truly are, for heroes would have given in long ago.

Whether you believe it or not you already have the resilience you need. You have had to get up more times than a dozen of your peers. My heart bleeds for you knowing how hard it is for you to walk out your front door, but you do it anyway, day after day. I know you think it will never end, yet time after time you never give in. You’re amazing; you truly are, for heroes would have given in long ago. You have the courage although you think you don’t. No matter how dark the tunnel, you still grow towards the light. You have the resilience you need, you will reach the light, your courage is there please don’t lose faith. Bullying is forever but the resilience rooted in courage is forever too.

If you choose the hard road, the road past demons, hate and pitfalls you will emerge on the other side a changed person. You will have to build this hard road so look at the faces that offer the hands and emulate their admirable traits. Search for those who feel, who are capable of giving and share with them what you have learned. You have as much to offer as you are as deserving of what you receive from them. Look to the future and find your passion and purpose. It is a place for you to grow into and only passion and purpose are big enough for one as resilient as you.

Most of all don’t forget the child that used to be. Mourn for them as you should, for they are the reminder that you are now the person you choose to be, if not the person you were born to be.

Originally posted at the The Good Men Project

Photo: Flickr/Dave Gingrich