People say there is no magic, that every solution throughout history has been found through science. They look at the world as though it is numbers, facts and equations not realizing that magic is everywhere.

It’s not that the pyramids weren’t built on engineering principals and constructed stone by stone. The magic lies in the fact some person took some formless thoughts and through the sheer power of the mind constructed the freaking pyramids.

It’s not that the Sistine Chapel had a roof and Michael decided it needed a coat of paint. Through the sheer magic in his mind he joined millions of brush strokes together and created the Sistine freaking chapel.

If you tell me there is no magic then I pity you. There is magic alright, it is a god like power in your own head that can take nothing and create wonders and marvels that mere physics, chemistry and equations can’t when left to their own devices.

If you tell me their is no magic then I will wonder whether you feel trapped in such a small dull world. There is magic alright and you are the wizard, don’t ever let anyone tell you different.


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