It’s In Her Eyes

Have you ever been lost in a woman’s eyes? Been lost so deep that there is no return?

They say a lot of things are sexy; beauty, movement, intelligence, passion, kindness, ambition and more. These things can be sexy for sure, I’ve met woman from all walks of life with these traits and they can drive you wild with thoughts and desires. But have you ever been lost in a woman’s eyes? Been lost so deep that there is only her eyes and all those other traits come to naught because in front of you is just her eyes and they are the sexiest damn things you have ever looked into.

They say allure is the way to attract a partner; to dress with style, move with grace and talk with charm and these things can drag you a million miles away from home trying to chase someone so alluring. But have you ever been lost in a woman’s eyes? Been lost so deep you can see her soul. That to see her soul is to see something with more style than a Paris fashion parade, more graceful than a ballerina and more mesmerizing than a snake charmer. There is nothing more alluring than seeing a person’s soul through their eyes and you can see that soul shine forth in the very way they act, move and talk.

They say mystery is the key to a lasting romance; to be calm and confident, deep thinking, to always have stones left unturned and to only reveal enough so that your partner is begging to find out more. But have you ever been lost in someone’s eyes? Been so lost you are lost in the very depths of their mind. To be so deep the silence is calming below the turbulence up above, to know there are more than just stones to be unturned but an entire ocean floor to explore. That it’s the horizon you see that is limiting what’s revealed and you know what lies beyond that horizon extends out to infinity. That it will take longer than a lifetime to discover what lies over that horizon. There is nothing more mysterious than being swept away in that vast ocean behind those eyes and knowing you will never have the time to understand all of who she is.

They say being empathetic is to know the person you admire; to walk in their shoes, to feel what they feel, to see the way they see the world and to know their joys, loves and fears. That when you find a person you connect with you have found a partner on your journey through life. But have you ever been lost in someone’s eyes? Been so lost that it’s more than empathy you feel. That you aren’t just walking in her shoes but they are your shoes, that you don’t just feel what she feels but they are your feelings too, that you don’t just see the world the way she sees it but your vision and her vision are the one and the same. That you don’t just know her joys, loves and fears but they are your joys, loves and fears. There is no coming back from this because her eyes change the very essence of who you are and you welcome it unreservedly.

I am lost in someone’s eyes. I am so lost in those eyes I don’t know how to get back, I don’t know if I want to come back, I don’t think I can come back. I look into her eyes and I forget how to breathe, how to talk and how to dance. I forgot to ask her name, I forgot to ask her out and I forgot to find out if I would see her again. But I saw her again and with what little wits I had I remembered to ask her name and I remembered how to dance, yet still I stumbled. I remembered to find out if I would see her again. Next time I hope to remember to ask her out but being so lost it is no sure thing. I believe, I hope and I pray she is lost too. I see her forget to breathe, I see her forget to talk and I see her stumble as we look into each other’s eyes as we dance. I dearly wish she is as lost as I am because I am trapped in her eyes and I think she might be trapped in mine.

Originally published at the Good Men Project – It’s In Her Eyes

Photo: Flickr/Vagelis Kalampalikis


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