You Don’t Find Yourself, You Create Yourself

You don’t find yourself. You aren’t some golden nugget lying on the ground waiting for you to discover yourself. You have always been exactly what you made of you. If you don’t like who you are you don’t go searching for a better you. You and only you have been responsible for your own life, for all of your life.

You create yourself. Somewhere in our teenage years we forget to keep asking ourselves what do we want to be. It’s not a job question. It’s a life question. What do I want to be? And then having forgotten the question we then go forth and we laugh, cry and feel but we have no future goals to shape our very beings into the person we want to be. So those things lie discarded as broken moments in our past, as baggage instead of foundations for a person with passion and conviction.

So don’t try and find a better you. Go forth and create that better person. And if you don’t know who you want to be, look around, look at your friends, look at your peers, look at every single person you admire and take those parts you admire and build them into yourself. You were given the power of creation at birth. Isn’t it about time you used that power and created the person you want to be?


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