The Plight of the Empath

There is a deep loneliness that comes with understanding your fellow man. It is both a blessing and a curse to be an empath. On the one hand they can look into your very eyes and see your very soul laid bare underneath. They can feel your pain, joy, love and fears as if it was their own. They can walk with you sharing a smile; shine a light in dark times; feel your connection to another as greatly as if they loved that other; and they can help you jump hurdles your fears tell you can’t be jumped.

But the curse of empathy is this. They lose their own feelings, having been overwhelmed by others, their own feelings become lost and dimmed. Their simple desire to help others is twofold, one out of need so they do not feel others pain and secondly out of survival to just simply feel their own feelings and know themselves. An empath also has no ability to hate and hurt. They can not hurt someone for to do so is to hurt themselves and they can not hate because how can they hate what they already understand and feel.

So the path of the empath is mostly one way, deeply connected to all around yet lonely because to reveal how deeply connected they are is to scare their fellow man. No one likes someone knowing what their deepest insecurities are, yet an empath knows. But an empath is also one who would never willingly divulge those insecurities; because to do so embarrasses and scares them as much as you. So the empath guides slowly appearing to be wise in the way of the world yet truly they are only wise in the way of you.

An empaths deepest wish is simply to have a few friends capable of returning that connection, to be able to be seen the same way as they see others and to have their feelings reflected back to them. They live a life washed away in the storms of others feelings and as strong as they are they wish occasionally, that just once, someone would hold their hands and let them know their efforts are not in vein and they have a right to their own feelings.


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