You Control Everything You Create

We often go through life wishing things worked out differently, that there is something we could have said or done that may have changed the outcome. That if we behave a different way or someone would just listen, or help we could do so much better. If only people would be this way instead of that way things would be different or better. This dissonance is where our brains vision of what should have been or could have been meets the reality that we actually control very little.

So what do we control? The simple answer to that is that we control what we create and conversely what we destroy. We can create a book or a painting and while we are creating those things we have infinite control. We can control the characters, the events and the background but what we can’t control is who if anyone will like it or buy it. We can create a sphere of influence, a marketing network as such, but we can’t control who will join it. We can publish our work and create a vector out into our network and statistically a percentage of those people will buy our work, but we don’t control the individuals who do buy it.

This applies to all aspects of our lives. Socially we can create an image of ourselves, it may even be very close to the real you, but when we extend our hand in friendship we can’t control whether someone will accept that hand. Through hard work and practice we can create ourselves to be someone who is confident and good at their job but we can’t control whether any individual employer will hire us.

All is not lost though. The things that you create, they do have influence, they do exert an attraction or repulsion to those who notice. If you create a beautiful classical music piece and someone who enjoys classical hears it then they will be attracted to it. Another who doesn’t like classical may be repulsed by it. You don’t control their reactions but the things that you create will attract the people who like those things.

So when you look out into the world and wish that things were different turn your gaze towards yourself. What can you create that will make your world different. The very creations you control will exert an influence on those around you, these creations will attract the people who like those things and repulse those who don’t. If you want be a passionate driven person you need to create that person inside of yourself and you will attract those people who want to spend time with a passionate person. If you want a better world you must first create the person who sees a better world and then you must create a better world in the environment around you. If you attract enough people who also wish for a better world then eventually enough people together will create a better world.

Photo credit: (altered) Flickr/Sean MacEntee


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